3 Mar 2012

Two words. Avengers Assemble. (And some other stuff *_*)


Goosebumps. I've got goosebumps. IT LOOKS FANTASTIC OMG!

Right. Let me calm down. But it is it just me or does this seem like the best year for movies? We have The Hunger Games coming out this month (can't wait!!!), there's The Hobbit, Jack the Giant Killer and then Snow White and I'm looking forward to so many of them!

This is how I feel about all these things:

But that's not the only thing that's got me excited! A week or so ago, I blogged about a Flash Fiction contest that was being hosted by the lovely Julia King and yesterday, she informed that I actually won! I'm so over the moon about it! First the blog awards and now this *_* it's all kind of epic and especially neither of the two things have ever happened to me before, I'm way over the moon. Kind of feels like my birthday has come early (well, a week early, it's actually next week on Friday LOL). So thank you again Julia for hosting the contest, it was incredible fun. For anyone who would like to read my entry, you can find it here and if you'd like to take a look at the other entries too, see this post :)

There are a few giveaways going, I've been RT'ing them on Twitter. Am I following you on Twitter? Or Goodreads, if you're on there? Drop me a line if I'm not with your link! I'm on Twitter more often than not and find it so much easier to keep track of news about you guys and stuf :) You can find links to both my Twitter and my Goodreads on the side bar, if you're interested in looking me up there too!

One of the giveaways which I'm quite excited about as it's a book I've been looking forward to, is Julie Kagawa's The Immortal Rules giveaway!

I absolutely loved the first book of her Iron Fey series (already have book 2 ready to start reading), so as soon as I saw this one, I was pretty happy. Can't wait to get my hands on it!

If like me you're also really excited about it, then how about checking out the giveaway, you can find details here!

Hmm, I think that's about it for today. Finally started my first draft! It's... going, lol. Seems like it might take me a bit to ease into it, I feel rusty. But I've discovered that I genuinely know my characters very well and I'm enjoying putting them on the page with each other and seeing how they play off one another :) I hope it continues this way.

What about you guys? Any cool things happening this week? How's your own writing going?


  1. That trailer was OK. I don't get who are they fighting? I know Loki is involved but are there aliens or something?

    1. It's the first of the already released trailers that really got my level of excitement up, probably the way they highlighted their team work or lack thereof. I absolutely love that kind of thing!

      Hmm, not sure. I remember what happened to Loki at the end of Thor and I know they're probably not going to follow the comic book verse properly so, maybe wherever Loki ended up, he might well have created an army of his own. Whatever they are I'm pretty sure they'd be under his control. As to what they are exactly, I'm not sure.

  2. I feel all Fred-And-George about this year's movies, too!

    You did forget to mention The Dark Knight Rises, though :)

    1. Oh my god! How could I forget The Dark Knight Rises! I've seen the trailer for that too and it looks absolutely fantastic.

      Yes, definitely, this is a good year for going to the cinema :D

  3. THAT TRAILER WAS AWESOME. I am so excited *___*

  4. all i see when i see that trailer is Jeremy renner *sighs*. i can't wait for the movie. it is going to be fab!