8 Mar 2012

Just a quick post today with some info :)

Hey guys, been a long day and I won't be posting about what I actually planned to post about, so I'll just draw your attention to a few things going on :)

Today I came home and was linked to this post: Why The Pretty White Girl YA Book Cover Trend Needs to End over at Ellen Oh's blog. I think it's a very well written post addressing the issue on the lack of multicultural representation in YA books. I'd also encourage you to read through the comments.

And something else. It's 12.33am here, 8th March, which means:

It's actually a day before my birthday lol. So, guys, how about you link me to your favourite BAMF female character. Or, tell me about one of your own female characters and what makes them special to you.

That's really all for today :) I will be back on Saturday with another(*_*!) blog award, rambling about the ARC I got in the post (MY FIRST ARC EVER! *_*) and a blog hop giveaway (...also a first lol). I was also tagged so, another 3/11 questions (I apologise to those who might be sick of hearing about me ;) I will keep it short, promise.)

What have you guys been up to?


  1. My favorite BAMF female charcater? Rose from Vampire Academy. She's awesome and about as kick-ass as you're going to get.


    1. Oh! I've seen the series around but haven't read them - for some reason I get it mixed up with the House of Night series (because they're always on the shelves together here in the stores lol).

      Might have to give them a go! :D

      p.s. so sorry for the late reply! This week has been crazy!