31 Mar 2012

After 2 weeks of radio silence: Blog awards, book giveaway winner and epic new header!

Finally! After a lot of laptop drama I have a healthy, working laptop once again – although I’m wary of saying even that much though because I’m seriously afraid of jinxing it.

Meet my new partner in crime in writing! I call him Mew Two...

Yes, it is named after that Mew Two...

I’m pretty much behind on all my writing which sucks but I’ve got some time off this week coming and I’m hoping I can make up for last time then. Meanwhile, and because this has been delayed enough, went straight to rafflecopter to select the winner of my birthday giveaway!

The prize was a brand new copy of Finnikin of the Rock by Melina Marchetta. So, without beating around the bush too much…

♥Congratulations Lori!♥

A copy of Finnikin of the Rock will be on its way to you soon!

On another note, a while back I was really unhappy with the way my blog looked but me being me, I had no idea what to do about it. I ended up asking Celine Choo if she had room in her schedule to do a commission for me and she said yes! She tidied up my blog and everything and then she did! She finished up my commission and e-mailed me last week with the final result and after I stopped with all the squee she uploaded it which means, the blog look is now complete. I'm completely in love with it!

Celine's an amazing illustrator and she has some of the funnest and vibrant pieces of art so if you find yourself with some time, do swing by her blog and browse through. Like me you'll probably end up inspired and who knows, you might get a little short story out of going through her wonderful art entries!

Also, before my little dancing leprechaun entry, I did post about a blog award I received and also listed the people I was going to award it to in return. Although I did list people, I haven't contacted anyone yet. I'm really sorry about this but with the laptop issue, I just didn't have enough time online to get to everyone. I'll be correcting that this week!

Anyway, I hope you guys are enjoying your weekend. I think National Flashfiction day is coming up. Is anyone participating? There are quite a few competitions going around to celebrate that day off the blogosphere. Or do you plan on celebrating with a little flashfiction posted to your own blog maybe?

Enjoy your weekend guys and start planning out your Easter Egg Hunts!

p.s. And because I've brought out that bunny, how cute is this?

p.p.s. I'm sorry for the amount of exclamation marks used on this post, please understand my excitement at being able to sit down with a laptop and do my thing after two stupidly long weeks ;_;


  1. Welcome back!

    Your new header is AWESOME! x

  2. I love the header. Celine's work is so amazing :)

    And that picture! Awwww. I wish that was my dogs' reaction to the bunny that was in our yard the other week >_> I still have heart palpitations just thinking about it.